PSP Testimonies


‘I understand my feelings a lot more and I have started working on certain things.’
Jan Crozier

‘I know myself better’
Patricia Cartwright


‘Tremendously enjoyed the course. I’ve learnt to be quite confident in myself. By learning how our minds work makes me feel more in control. I am a better person for what I have learned. Now I want to learn more!’
Barbara Hubbard


‘I am more positive about myself. I have the tools to work towards achieving my aims, without making it feel like a strain. I feel more confident.’
Abena Ofri


I must say some of these things are very challenging. But I do know that whenever I do my best, the results are remarkable; that’s why I recommend anybody that might be blessed to be offered the chance to join in this course not to hesitate.  Because knowledge is power and no one can take it away from you; I can now share this knowledge with others to help change lives. And I now feel more contend and happier. But I need to constantly remind myself these things every day in order to stay on the right track.
Peggy Kalele


I am more optimistic and looking forward to leading a positive life and possibly help others in need.
Francis Henry Kamwenje


The course helped me step by step to manage my emotions... It was fun and I miss being in class.
Brenda Qondela


I found the whole experience very helpful... Keep up the good work
Dara Sinoth


‘I look forward to further lessons’
Margaret Gwekwerere


‘I have more meaning in my life and can control excitement.’
Virginia Chipunza


‘It is an interactive, friendly way to improve your being and your life. It really make me see things differently. Thanks’
Rita Calotti


‘The Personal Synthesis Programme has helped me take a better look at my inner self and see how much power I have to make myself and others around me happy. To be able to clearly identify what I want, why I want it, how to achieve it and accept that at times I may not have things the way I want. It has also thought exercises in meditating and bringing emotions under control as well as the important things about life, love and relationships – lessons that are not taught in academic classes.’
Edward T. Chiyambutira


‘It helped me to build my confidence, to improve my communication skills, both in writing and speaking. And to be more competent.’
Rose Euphirase


‘I found the course so caring and useful. The course focuses on daily life, how to manage even the toughest issues, and how to let go some things which you cannot change.’


‘This course made me very aware about human life. I also learned how to have courage and be confident in situations I come across.’


‘I thought the course was very helpful. The better we can explain and understand the meaning of different words and feelings the better we can be understood and understand other people.. Others can understand me better because I am clearer at expressing my thought and feelings. It also helped me to articulate what I want to do or plan for the future.’


‘It was well organised, tutorials were creative and designed so that all students can participate. This makes teaching enjoyable rather than a drag.’


‘The course helps me to learn a lot of things like dealing with somebody in the bad moods, awareness of my health and I have met many people of different cultures.’


‘The sessions are open discussions and gives all students the courage to say what they want.’



‘Since completing this course though, I am more friend with myself and my children.’


‘The programme has helped me immensely in terms of opening and broadening my mind. I am more aware of the society and the surrounding that I am living in. Also it has given me more confidence, which I need when communicating with others.’
Abdul  Malik


‘The course has been very interesting It has given me a new outlook to what life is all about.’


I have learnt a lot from the course and met new people. I now know how to understand people and their feelings, the way they behave and why they behave in that way. I learnt a lot about myself, how I feel and why I feel in that way. I have improved my communication skills and feel more confident in what I do and how I do it.’


‘When I compare myself now and before, I am totally different and I believe that it is because of the course.’


‘I feel I have learnt new ways of looking at things. I have also learnt new ways of relaxing when I am feeling stressed. I am now able to sleep better because of the exercises I have carried out.’


‘The programme  was really good because usually we do not look at or think about ourselves. It was brilliant. I want to say many thanks!’


‘It’s about finding solutions and ways of dealing with the daily grind of life.’


‘I feel that the course has helped me to understand my feelings and thought and where they originally came from.’


‘Since I started the programme my life is getting better.’




‘I think the programme was ***** good. I really enjoyed it here and I will miss it. I learnt a lot form the project. I found it very helpful.’


‘It was helpful because it was.’