Personal Consultancy - client information

Personal consultancy is an integrative approach to individual work with clients that combines coaching with counselling and psychotherapy. The term consultancy refers to a meeting which is held to discuss something and to decide what should be done about it – this, in our view, describes one-to-one talking practices better than other commonly used terms in this field. Personal signifies that it is about focusing on the person and personal matters (that, of course, may include social and professional issues). The aim of personal consultancy is to help clients solve their internal conflicts or problems, and also to facilitate personal development and improvement. Therefore, it also focuses on clients’ strengths and enhancing their quality of life.

Price: we offer a sliding scale from £90 to £40 per session (depending on your financial circumstances). The first session is free with no obligations.

To book your initial appointment please contact us on: or 07941 053936

Telephone consultancy is available for those who live outside London and UK.