Yannick Jacob

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Yannick is the Centre’s Head of Coaching, former Programme Leader of the MSc Coaching Psychology (UEL), an existential coach (MA), positive psychologist (MSc), coach trainer & supervisor, Regent’s-trained mediator and personal consultant (PWBC). Yannick is passionate about helping people grow by exploring the various facets of their existence in more depth. Yannick’s aim is to inspire those he meets and works with to live more courageously, think more deeply and embrace the whole spectrum of what life and business have to offer. 

 Yannick has worked with a wide range of clients and he’s trained and supervised hundreds of coaches at a number of institutions. Born in Germany and based in London (UK), Yannick works internationally to deliver coaching and training to those in “positions of great responsibility” (typically leaders and managers) as well as programmes for schools and charities.